Women, To Women

Women, To Women

🧚‍♂️ Fairy Rice Water

Endorsed by Hong Kong TCM Physician Cinci Leung, Checkcheckcin rice water saved my mom and me from terminal cancer post syndrome.

In particular, we are frustrated with my mom’s lack of appetite following chemo. Her diet had to be carefully monitored, as certain foods made her vomit. Her vegetarianism also made finding suitable nourishment difficult. 

Then, the rice water ingredient is gentle stomach-filling property and nutritional energy make it the perfect option in a variety of convenient flavors. Glad that my mom enjoyed lots and loved it.

Rice water can remain a part of our daily health routine. Light and unsweetened, it’s great for removing dampness, and it boosts your energy after workout. Here’s some my personal experiences with this brand:

Tips 1: Exfoliate dead skin in the shower with rice residue after drinking it. 
Tips 2: Those who are interested in learning more about TCM health can follow @checkcheckcin or download their apps - they offer a wealth of information.
Tips 3: A TCM clinic and drink outlet located at SheungWan for consultation.

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