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Wholesale to Retail


A trendy take on authentic HK noodle style.

The young boss of Wing Lok, Angus Chan, used to hate his dad who took away his childhood time, spent his entire life making Chinese noodles. Making shrimp noodles is a trivial task. The handmade noodles dough using high-quality flour, shrimp soup, and shrimp roes. Before baking, steam the dough to absorb the shrimp essence fully. As I visited their quaint factory, the humidity and heat would have turned me into noodles 🥵

This is a rare technique to have the honour of inheriting. He chose to quit his aviation career and devote himself wholeheartedly to the task of taking over with those craftsmanship from his father's love. A drastic overhaul of the design, packaging and promotion is underway to make it more appealing to young people. Although his dad is struggling with his burning money in marketing, his enthusiasm is never less than his efforts. It is truly inspiring to see his passion and sincerity to revive this sunset industry.

In bringing Wing Lok noodles onboard, I hope you will sense his determination to preserve this ageing business and to push the noodle art out of Hong Kong.



Bring Hong Kong home.

🍜 Shrimp Noodles / Multi flavour / Giftset
🛒 Shopee SG / direct order

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