Timely Brew Apricots

Timely Brew Apricots

Macao's time-honoured snack brand:

"Tong Iec Pak Fa Fui" means "The top hundred dried fruit dealers". You can find varieties like Queen Mother Dried Apricot, Refreshing Ginger, Dried Mango and Sweet Vinegar.

Their signature top selling is the Queen Mother matchbox packaging, printed a disclaimer of "Flower blooms for 3000 years and fruit for another 3000 years". There's a story about The Monkey King messing up the Queen Mother's Birthday Banquet and eating all the Apricots, in order to be immortal -- a sign of longevity and health.

All the preserved apricots are hand-washed and boiled before being piled into a ceramic jar to dry in the sunlight. These fruit stickies are then wrapped in transparent paper wrap. In the early days of Macau, these seedless fruit confections were an iconic souvenir to get.

Bring Hong Kong Home. 
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