Timeless Heritage

Timeless Heritage


Three continuous days for same same with different tweaks from tomorrow until 30/9.

”The first day - Invite the Dragon"
A prayer is offered to the deity at Tai Hang "Lin Fa Kung" before the fire dragon dance begins. The parade will be walked through "clockwise" to bring smooth luck for all.

”The actual day - Fire Dragon Dance“
For the lantern parade, kids carry lotus, cloud, and star lanterns, which are models of mythical lanterns in the heaven. A dragon built from burning incense is carried by 300 men from the Bing Kee teastall to Wun Sha street, where leftover joss sticks are given to visitors for blessings to ward off evil spirits.

“The last day - Return of the Dragon”
A fire dragon will be thrown into the Typhoon Shelter at Causeway Bay after one round of anti-clockwise parade. This ritual is known as "Dragon Returning to the Heaven".

The event definately an eye opener which you must see it in person once in a lifetime! Only in Hong Kong!


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