New Year, New Venture

New Year, New Venture

Let’s toast to the new year! 🥂

It’s time to meet our new member UkKêi “屋企” — a spicy pepper infusing your HOME with a playful taste of Hong Kong.

The magical flavours of HK blending east and west, tradition and innovation. Our desire to add new substance and creativity to the diverse culture become home products like Mahjong Pillow, Shiu Shin Hong crystal lamp, Embroided shoes etc

All will be UkKêi collaboration aura.

Like a ripple in a pond, this brand is small but curated. Over time, it’ll become more than a stuff - it’s about adding a human touch to make your home feel like you.

Say hi to our second child and we hope you found a new venture in 2024! ❤️
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