Missing Ding Ding | 那些年叮叮

Missing Ding Ding | 那些年叮叮

Ding Ding Candy, also known as Deuk Deuk Tong.

Every bite of this traditional treat offers a crunchy sweet flavour. Crafting this sweet delicacy involves melting maltose, adding various ingredients, and continuously stirring the mixture until it is just right. It is famous for its hard maltose texture and sesame and ginger flavors. With delicate precision, vendors break the candy into smaller, coin-sized pieces using flat chisels.

The Cantonese word “deuk” mimics the sound of chiselling, a captivating sound that draws in passersby, especially children. Calling all the new generation! Get yours now!

Bring Hong Kong home.

🎯 Ding Ding Tong
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