Less Calories, More Happiness

Less Calories, More Happiness

Dine in at Wing Wah Restaurant!

You probably associate Wing Wah with mooncakes and rose wine sausages.

Their history began in 1950 with a restaurant and a takeaway bakery. The restaurant's mastermind, Leung Man-To, specializes in more than hundred kinds of dim sum and village dishes that are affordable, under old school environment with sense of human touch. White lotus seed paste mooncakes were launched later, and they are still a must-buy during Mid-Autumn Festival today. 

As part of our government's effort to reduce sugar consumption, we promote the low-sugar double egg yolk (purple version) as smooth and delicious like the blue version. Those who count calories and the elderly will find it less burdensome. Enjoy a low sugar mooncake and savor the season's sweetness.


Bring Hong Kong home.

🥮 Wing Wah Low Sugar Double Egg Yolk
🛒 Shopee & Lazada (SG l MSIA)
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