Floral Relaxation Moment | 沖返個 靚涼

Floral Relaxation Moment | 沖返個 靚涼

💐A summer and autumn scent

Discovering O’naomi’s floral shower gel was a surprise during my stay in HK. Considering it was an affordable and unique floral scent, I decided to try it.

As I’m showering, I evocate my memory of the elderly who sell white jade orchids. It’s also Hong Kongers’ fond memories. Whenever I pass by the street, I will buy and caress its delicate fragrance by holding it carefully in my hands. Despite the polluted air, the natural scent gives you a sense of isolation.

Same goes for O’Naomi’s white jade orchid shower gel. The gel leaves a natural and refreshing fragrance on your skin. It’s crafted with hyaluronic acid, Q10, collagen, fish roe and more, instantly relieving fatigue and uplifting your mood after a shower.

If you are sick of your local shower gel choice, try this White Jade Orchid with Argan Oil pleasant scent, up to three choices including sugarcane orange or sandalwood chamomile.

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