Egg-Cellent Snack | 雞蛋仔美食

Egg-Cellent Snack | 雞蛋仔美食

🥚 One puff after another, egglet is irresistible!

Hong Kong is synonymous with egglets, its most iconic street snack. That would be amazing if we could make them into a souvenir.

Introducing WE LOVE HK Crispy Egglet ‘Waffle’ - each individually packaged, cute as a button and adorable to hold. A crisp, delicate texture is achieved by baking them for a bit longer with the same ingredients, but with a subtle egg taste hints. Children and adults alike simply adore it.

Bring Hong Kong home.

🎯 Crispy Egglet Waffle
🛒 Shopee & Lazada (SG/Msia)
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