Behind The Scene

Behind The Scene

🔥🐉 Portrait shoot

Flooded with all the human touch and the sense of belonging to this 144 years Intangible Heritage Culture!

Salute to Fai Gor, who contributed himself whole life making this a success. Dedicated my #timelesshk to him.

1. This little boy is a shine star 🌟
2. Mark the auspicious ceremony over Dragon's Head
3. Flawless handover the 42kg dragon head
4. Fairies carrying lotus flowers to mortals
5. Exuberant drumming and gong playing even after 3 nights
6. Burning 12,000 joss sticks x 2 rounds x 3 days = 72,000 pcs
7. Dragon's Tail in 2nd round incense replacement fast & furious
8. Wow! Pomelo also can be a DRAGON BALL!
9. Good job! You’re awesome to be part of the culture @sat_vonholdt
10. The fire dragon box proudly says Hello Tai Hang!


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