Aberdeen Noodle

Aberdeen Noodle


Many people know Aberdeen Fishball Noodle, but did you know Aberdeen was once the center of noodle production?

Aberdeen & Ap Lei Chau produce the most famous shrimp noodle. The fishermen brought their catch to Aberdeen Wholesale Fishmarket every dawn. "Mini Red Shrimp" with a carmine red shell and shrimp roe on its belly was the target of the noodle factory's buyers.

The fishing village gradually became a residential area, leaving no room for drying noodles and the collapse of Jumbo floating restaurant. Yau Kee Noodles Factory, the only remaining factory that still produces shrimp noodles using the old method, has witnessed the ups and downs of the Aberdeen.

Through the years, Yau Kee has produced a wide range of noodles. Now, you can choose from freshly made fish noodles, hor fun, yellow noodles or the dried choices like shrimp, scallop and abalone noodles. You can get top-tier, star grade shrimp noodles at our e-store if you miss HK noodle!



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