A Taste of Home

A Taste of Home

【 Natural, sweet & traditional 】

In many homes, soy sauce is a staple ingredient. Yuet Wo evolved over 80 years to become one of Hong Kong's most iconic soy sauces.

☑️ Chose to stay put in Hong Kong since 1930
☑️ Mission to keep tradition while embracing green practices
☑️ An old brand with new faces engages with a new generation 

The soy sauces are made using traditional methods without additives or chemicals. It involves everything from shifting yeast bags to mixing beans. The sifus stand adjacent to large woks, stirring and tasting their creations over a large fire, blackening the ceiling above.

Despite the high cost, the old HK umami flavor make it priceless where will take your home chef's dishes to the next level.

Well, did we mention they have a factory walk too! (Check out the comment)


Bring Hong Kong home.

🧂 YuetWo Soy Sauce / Red Vinegar
🛒 Shopee / Lazada (SG)

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