130 Years Mini Tea Box

130 Years Mini Tea Box

【9x9 extraction & drying method】

Credit to #bachaboy. He shared another historical old brand — Yuen Kat Lam, most HKers used to "drink a little box of tea" when sick.

As you enter the ancient "Tung Luo", you can enjoy a warming cup of KamWo Tea, a medicinal blend of 28 herbs that taste slightly bitter and mildly sweet. In line with their slogan, "Relieve summer boredom, get rid of colds, Yuan Kat Lam is the best!" Take it with you on your next trip to ensure your peace of mind.

A cup a day will boost the immune system and prevent cold. Fever, headaches, and indigestion can also be treated with this herbal remedy:-

✅ Headache: add ginger slices and salt
✅ Sore throat: salt and shiso leaves
✅ Cold: ginger slices with white onion roots

Due to the brand's 130-year history, its efficacy is well known, so imitation is rampant. No worries, we're directly imported from them! Instead of taking painkillers, try these natural remedies 💪

Fun facts: It’s endorsed by Linda Lam and sexy actress Diana Chang who sings "CharSiewBao."


Bring Hong Kong home.

🫖 Yuen Kat Lam 10’s per box
🛒 Shopee (SG / MY) / Lazada (SG/MY)
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