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Seaweed Instant Noodle | 紫菜湯麵

Seaweed Instant Noodle | 紫菜湯麵

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Bored with the local choices instant noodles?

Get a 5-pack of Fourseas Noodles to make mealtime easy!

Try Four Seas, where every bite is smooth and delightfully elastic.

🍗 Stewed Chicken — The broth combines a variety of herbs, infusing the noodles with rich flavours. Want an even more indulgent experience? Pair it with chicken drumsticks and goji berries for an aromatic, non-greasy delight!

🍜 Seaweed Soup — Ready in just a few minutes, these noodles are chewy with the crunchy taste of their signature seaweed. Simple, easy, and refreshingly satisfying! 🌟





🍗 珍味燉雞面 — 湯底融合多種藥材精燉,讓麵條散發出濃郁的鮮美,滑順且富有彈性。想吃得要更豐盛?搭配雞腿和枸杞,為您帶來香氣四溢美味體驗!

🍜 紫菜湯麵 — 只需短短幾分鐘,即可品嚐到滿滿的四洲紫菜風味,簡單、快捷清新不膩的美味滿分!

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